A Principal Speaks Out On The Power Of Curriculum

If you want to know whether students are getting what they need from a school, find out what they’re working on each day. Consistent access to challenging, engaging assignments is crucial to preparing students for success in college and beyond—and can help students who’ve fallen behind academically catch back up. But too many students spend hundreds Read More

Lessons Learned From The LIFT Network

Since 2016, Putnam County Schools has worked to improve literacy outcomes in our district by implementing high-quality instructional materials. Over the past three years, we have phased in use of Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA), a rigorous set of materials that deliberately builds students’ knowledge of the world around them while also developing their ability to read Read More

The Hard Part About Reading Instruction

Spoiler alert: The hard part about reading instruction is not figuring out how to teach reading. We actually know quite a bit about that. There has been renewed interest in discussing the findings of the 2000 National Reading Panel report on the importance of phonics-based instruction in the early grades. The popularity of Emily Hanford’s radio documentary Read More

We Have A National Reading Crisis

If your district isn’t having an “uh oh” moment around reading instruction, it probably should be. Educators across the country are experiencing a collective awakening about literacy instruction, thanks to a recent tsunami of national media attention. Alarm bells are ringing—as they should be—because we’ve gotten some big things wrong: Research has documented what works Read More