Our Mission

LIFT Education is committed to student-centered leadership to ensure quality instruction and student success in Tennessee.

LIFT Education School Districts

The LIFT network is currently comprised of 15 diverse districts that work together on common problems of practice:

Dyersburg City Schools

4 schools

Fayette County Schools

10 schools

Jackson-Madison School System

27 schools

Knox County Schools

89 schools

Lauderdale County Schools

7 schools

Lenoir City Schools

3 schools

Lincoln County Schools

8 schools

Loudon County Schools

4 schools

Marshall County Schools

10 schools

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

157 schools

Overton County Schools

9 schools

Putnam County Schools

20 schools

Shelby County Schools

221 schools

Sullivan County Schools

23 schools

Trousdale County Schools

3 schools

LIFT Education Superintendents

LIFT superintendents deeply engage in implementation work, common advocacy efforts, and professional learning.

  • Dr. Jeanne Barker, Lenoir City
  • Jerry Boyd, Putnam County
  • Neel Durbin, Dyersburg
  • Dr. Bill Heath, Lincoln County
  • Dr. Eric Jones, Jackson-Madison County
  • Shawn Kimble, Lauderdale County
  • Dr. Marlon King, Fayette County
  • Evelyn Rafalowski, Sullivan County
  • Dr. Clint Satterfield, Trousdale County
  • Jacob Sorrells, Marshall County
  • Dr. Jason Vance, Loudon County
  • Mark Winningham, Overton County

Our Principles

Driving a Student-Centered Culture

We believe that all decisions should be based on the best interest of students, not adults. All policies and practices shall be developed through the lens of how each impacts and advances student success, improvement, and academic gain. Leaders should and will put students first, making courageous decisions.

High Standards and High Expectations

We believe that every single student, regardless of zip code, can achieve at high academic levels. Expectations should be measured against the highest achieving students, states, and countries while systematically raising the bar.

Teacher Quality/Effectiveness

We believe that highly effective teachers must be recognized, rewarded, and supported, and we are committed to providing high-quality, meaningful professional development that is proven to improve student achievement. Teachers must be evaluated using multiple measures that emphasize student outcomes, growth measures and attention to closing the achievement gap.

Effective Instructional Leadership

We believe that highly effective leaders must be recognized, rewarded, and supported, and we are committed to creating fair and transparent policies to ensure laser-like focus on highly effective teaching in every classroom and strategic, systemic decision-making based on multiple measures.

Flexibility for Innovation

We believe that school systems should have flexibility to locally design innovative practices, free from regulation and traditional constraints that meet today’s student-centered culture.

Multiple Pathways to Success for Kids

We are committed to finding ways to reach every child with an academically rich and relevant learning experience. We strive to help all students graduate prepared for college and career success through deep data analysis and tailored support to meet students’ individual needs.

Rigorous and Transparent Accountability

We believe that school accountability should measure student growth annually, ensure continuous improvement over time, and focus attention on achievement gap closing. Academic assessments should be sophisticated, rigorous, effectively measure student achievement, and provide useful and timely information to teachers and families.