Working Together To Upend The National Literacy Crisis

At Impact Florida’s 2019 Summit, Sullivan County’s Robin McClellan describes her efforts to transform literacy instruction. Here, she reflects on that process, and how the LIFT network helped her along the way.

Leveraging The Power Of The LIFT Network

Implementing new and demanding materials is a substantial undertaking. Leveraging a network of districts with the same goals provides for greater effectiveness and provides a system of support that is otherwise impossible.

The Hidden Mistake School Leaders Should Avoid This Year

I can vividly remember my first few days as a new school administrator. I remember getting in a routine of greeting students as they exited buses and cars and entered the building. I remember the strange feeling when that first bell rang to start school, and I didn’t have a classroom full of students to Read More

A Principal Speaks Out On The Power Of Curriculum

If you want to know whether students are getting what they need from a school, find out what they’re working on each day. Consistent access to challenging, engaging assignments is crucial to preparing students for success in college and beyond—and can help students who’ve fallen behind academically catch back up. But too many students spend hundreds Read More